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The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials - James Dashner

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner is about a boy named Thomas and his friends known as the gladers went through a lot because at first they were stuck in a maze full with creatures called grievers and if they stung them,they went through a process called the change.After Thomas and teresa (his best friend)found a way out they  thought it was all over,but no.The maze was only the beginning.At the beginning of the scorch trails Thomas was in a dormitory that they thought it was safe but then there were these zombie like people affected by a plauge called “the flare”.There is s scientist from WICKED,the organization that created the experiment, who explains that WICKED has been studying them to try to find a cure for the Flare. He tells them they have been infected with the Flare and must in two weeks get through the Scorch, the most  burned out section of the land, to find a safe haven and get the cure.There is this boy named aris jones and he is the replacement for teresa because teresa was missing.He explains that he went through almost the same process,just that he was the only boy in the group called “Group B”When they discovered  that they had tattoos on their necks they read them.Aris is “The partner”,Newt is “The glue”,Minho is “The leader” and Thomas is “To be killed by Group B”.At the end Teresa talks telepathically and tells him that WICKED is good.

      This book connects to me a little because thomas has a best friend called Teresa.And he does not trust her because she is being controlled by the WICKED scientist.This part of the book connects to me because I had a bestfriend that was being controlled by her mother because I was supposedly a bad influence for her and her mother made her say things she did not want to say to me.This connects to the text because I am talking about how people can get controlled by other saying or doing things against their will.This text connects to the world because making other people do things against their own will is a global problem.For example kids prostitution,sexual harassment and many other things are happening around the world.


  I recommend this book to others because if you love action and fiction books because the other type of books are boring,there is no way you are not going to like this book because all this book is about is escaping and rescuing,running and kind of like a zombie book.I say this book is about escaping and rescuing because partners are always saving or rescuing partners and they are always escaping from dangerous things like the storm that can kill or the giant monsters.Also I say that it is like a zombie book because when people got the flare they killed other people to eat.I would not recommend this book to people that are a not the action type for reading books because all this book is about is action.